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My Most Difficult Customer: My Mother – Annual Custom Gala Dress

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Every year DiDomenico does a big charity event to serve our willing warriors. We participate by not only donating a dress to the live auction but we also dress as many wounded warrior women that we can at the event.

There are some warrior women who used to wear stilettos everyday and dress to the nines. However, post-injury many haven’t had an opportunity to step outside of the hospital let alone get dressed up.

The experience is amazing watching them glow and light up as we try on different dresses that bring their confidence back. We even assemble a hair and makeup team to do these ladies’ hair and makeup just for the event!!

The nonprofit was founded by my mother and father. My mother served 22 years in the Air Force and cares deeply for our nation’s military. And as one of my own personal heroes, I hope its no surprise that I try to make sure her dress is THE BEST!!

That also being said — my mother is notoriously one of my most difficult customers. As you can imagine – the woman who taught me how to sew — always seems entitled to have more than enough input in her design.

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