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DiDomenico Custom gowns are created from scratch by our expert designer who guides you through your entire journey. Your unique your specific measurements leaving you with you dream dress 100% custom that only you have. Customize your dress in these 3 simple steps.



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Dress Making Process

Q: How long does it take to make a dress?
A: Evening gowns typically take 2 months to design and create, depending on current demand and production time this time can increase. Wedding gowns usually require 4-6 months.

Q: I don’t live near you so, how does this work? 
A: Great question! — Over 70% of my clients are actually out of state. I've had as many as 11 girls in a bridal party fly down in one weekend to do their fittings. I, typically, block off one weekend where my customers come to my studio and have all the alterations done in one visit. Example: The customer flies in early on Friday and leaves Sunday afternoon with all alterations done and the dress in hand. We are located about 30 minutes from Dulles Int'l Airport.

Q: If I am out of state, how will our appointments work?
A: Via video chat and share screen capabilities! You and I design and sketch the gown of your dreams after we chat and I hear what inspires you. We look at share boards (probably that Pinterest board you've been hoarding all these years) and inspiration photos, all of the above! In the fabric sourcing process I send you folders of dynamically detailed photos so you can see the beading, embroidery and texture up-close. During this time I study your body type and style to make sure it will look amazing in the style you choose!

Q: When do I see the dress? 
A: After the final sketch is rendered it takes about 4-6 weeks to create your gown.

Q: Waiting to see the dress makes me nervous, what if there is something I don’t like? 
A: Our designing and sketching process is intensive, during which we ask every imaginable question to ensure that we create a design that meets your vision. At your initial fitting, we offer the opportunity to make changes to the design. Unlike your average tailor shop, where each alteration has a stressful and frivolous upcharge, our modifications and alterations are all included in your unique, custom experience. We are ALL about the experience. With DiDomenico Design, you’re not just buying a dress, you’re creating one, and we invite you to design with us and provide feedback. That is what truly sets us apart!


Press Inquiries

Q: How can I contact Kelsy or DiDomenico Design?
A: All inquiries related to the DiDomenico Collection can be sent via DM on Instagram @DiDomenico_Design or email us at The appropriate team member will quickly respond to your inquiry. For all personal questions for Kelsy, please leave a comment on her personal Instagram @kelsydominick or leave a comment on her blog. All business inquiries may also be submitted through the contact page at


Internships and Modeling

Q: I’d love to work with/model for DiDomenico. Are you hiring? 
A: We are growing exponentially! Meaning we are always seeking new talent in all areas of fashion, marketing, and assistance. If you have experience in these areas, you are definitely welcome to send your resume to and we will review submitted resumes if a position becomes available.

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