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Custom Couture & Bridal

Couture Craftsmanship that is unparalleled.

Meticulously crafted, one-of-a-kind, and never before seen. We make sure that your wedding gown makes the statement it needs to.

- Kelsy D.

Classy in Color

"I definitely always knew that I did not want a traditional wedding dress. I knew that I wanted a white dress that then changed to rainbow. Bright colors make me happy! I wanted the transition to happen once we were married to show how my world was full of joy and happiness and rainbows now that we were married."


Anna W.

Love you for a Lifetime

"I tried on at least 80 dresses when I was wedding dress shopping. I'm not exaggerating. But none of them felt like me or my distinct style. As soon as I met Kelsy (virtually - because she lives in VA and I live in FL) she immediately started bringing together all of the pieces of what was going to be my dream dress. I never felt more understood in my hunt for my wedding dress.

I absolutely loved my dress!! - but I loved the process even more, thank you!"

Jessica H.

Beauty & Grace

Transform Your Dress Three Ways!

Customized is taken to a whole new level with our transformation dresses. Why have one bridal look when you can have all three? - All in the same dress for ceremony, reception, and after hours! We can't wait to bring your dream dress to life!

I am a pageant girl, and I always knew that my wedding dress had to be THE dress! I told Kelsy that my dress needed to be over the top, extra, and glam! Two months before the wedding Kelsy called me up and said, hey, let's put lights in your dress! And I said OK! The wedding guests were blown away but they kind of expected it of me, cuz I'm just that over-the-top person!

Chelsea A.